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31 December 2007 @ 09:42 am
So its resolution time, and mine would be that I want to go to the Renaissance Festival with Mark, Sarah, Josh, the kiddos and maybe Mark's friend Doug. We didn't get to go in 2007. So I am making it my resolution to go in 2008. I think its do-able.

Looking back on 2007, its had its ups and downs. The MAJOR up being that I got married to the man I love in October. : D The downs, when they were there were made more bearable because Mark was there to help pull me up when I felt seroiusly down.

For the year ahead, I look forward to our 1st anniversary as husband and wife. Paying off my bankrupcy in October. Getting a new puppy in the summer, perhaps getting a new tv...(if our income allows it). And FINALLY having our honey-moon in April. Also, being a bridesmaid in Kristina's wedding. She is gonna look soo beautiful. And the bridesmaids dresses are soo cute! (I just need to get shoes now)

But looking on to 2008, I hope it brings joy and happiness to everyone.

Love Y'all and have a Happy 2008!!!