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24 June 2007 @ 03:36 pm
Flower Girls' Dresses :D  

So, yesterday went out to get a quote on insurance for the house Mark and I are buying, decided to go to NBC (a thrift store) to see if there were any dresses for KJ and Erin (my Jr. Bridesmaids). Cause, ya never know what exactly you will find there. Didn't find anything for them, but found some perfect Flower Girl dresses. And they cost less than 30$ together! 

I took them home and brought Madi's over to Sarah's and It was too cute. Sarah put the dress on Madi and she didn't wanna take it off. But believe me, the dresses are perfect :o). Then when they went to take the dress off, it was a fight. And Madi definately wasn't happy when it was off. 

So ya. 

Today, i know i need to start packing things so that we can move soon. But i just can't get into it. I am procrastinating, i know, but i just can't ....plus my tummy hurts at the moment. 


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