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16 April 2008 @ 09:04 pm
Sianara, Au Revoir, Good-bye Kansas!!!  
Yes, thats right! We are finally leaving for our honeymoon as of 8am tomorrow morning. That means no updates here for about a week. Today was super busy.

**got up at 8am
**went to Gregg Tire at 10am (got tires rotated and balanced and got oil changed)
**went to mall for lunch and ring cleaning
**went to the cosmetology school so I could get my manicure. ($6, and although I didn't get a set of nails, the arm and hand massage was THE BEST!!)
**after that had to go to Meriden to get the portable DVD player from Mark's mom
**went to Marks store to get his check stub and a few last minute items for the trip
**then went to my grandma's to say bye to g-ma, uncle johnny, mom, crystal, eddie, and the 3 girls

And ya know, when Mark and I were getting ready to leave g-ma's, the girls started bawling. Acting like I was leaving forever and never coming back. Erin started up first mainly because she was upset I wasn't gonna b there for her b-day. (it Monday the 21st) Then KJ stared up. "I don't want you to go." all pouty like. And last but definately not least Nikki started up. She was the loudest.

They had ME on the verge of tears.

I promised Erin that for her b-day we would go get her hair cut and go to get ice cream. Just me and her. That made her feel a little bit better.

But ya. I will see Y'all in about a week.
Current Mood: excitedexcited