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03 August 2008 @ 03:03 pm
Happy To Be Home  

Well, last night was the last night of Mark and me doggie-sitting for my in-laws. And thank goodness for that. Tonight we are staying home, cleaning, and I am fixing a home cooked meal. No more fast food! That has been all we have eaten the last week.

Our day went something like this...

Go to Ozawkie in the evening
Pick up something for dinner on the way out
Let the dogs outside to potty
Eat dinner
Go to bed
Get up early so that we can go home and get a decent shower (the water pressure in Ozawkie sucks)
Go to work
Get off work and head for Ozawkie

So ya, being home is nice..what is even nicer is the fact that Sarah (the basset hound) would keep waking us up at midnight, 1am, and 2am. Either she wanted outside to potty or she just wanted us awake...ARRG!

I hope that when we finally get a dog it isn't like that.

So Ya. I am fixin Spaghetti and meatsauce tonight with cheesy garlic bread. It sounded good to me.
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