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11 October 2008 @ 07:39 pm
What a Day!  
Ok, I admit that my car isn't the best. But I was hoping it would last at least until income tax time. But I don't think it will. Today on my way to work, the power steering went out...right as I was pulling into the parking lot. I had enough steering capability to get into a parking spot. Mark's mom and dad came out to look at my car, come to find out that the water pump is out and some belt came off because of it. So as of right now it isn't driveable. Ray (Mark's dad) is going to come and get it tomorrow morning and take it to their mechanic in Meriden. He thinks its going to be about $200- $300 for the bill. Yikes!!

So on our 1 year anniversary..after we take Jack to the vet for his next round of shots..we are going to go to the bank and see what kind of lone we can get and then go look at cars for me. **does a happy dance**

On another happy note. Was going through my mail today and hopefully **crosses fingers** I got a check in the mail for $245 from the bankrupcy lawyer that I send my bankrupcy payments to. I am not going to cash it out until I talk to my lawyer and see if it was a fluke or something. But if it isn't, then it will help pay for the fixing of the car. YaY!!

So this month seems to be a good one. So far at least. :o)
Current Mood: happyhappy