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09 November 2008 @ 10:31 am
Boys and their Toys  
Well, Mark finally got his new toy the other day. (a 46 inch flat screen HD TV) After much disagreement from me. Its not that I mind that he got the stupid thing..its more the way he went and got it. To make a long story short (and to spare some details), he got a SEARS credit card. Didn't have enough to buy the TV and the stand that was needed for said TV so his friend Brian suggested that Mark use Brian's credit card to pay the rest and Mark just pay Brian back. GAH!

We went through this before with Brian, and it wasn't pretty. Mark got a PS3 using Brian's credit card and Brian would not shut up about paying him back. It's not like the boy isn't LOADED with money. Cause he is. I mean GEEZE. He decided that he wanted to go to Japan for a week and a half on a whim and JUST WENT. The boy has moeny.

So I told Mark all this. And what does he say?? "don't worry, let me deal with it." You know what..that is fine. When Brian starts up cause he wants his money. All I am gonna say is "I told you so" and I don't want to hear any complaining about it from Mark.

Whatever. Mark said that it would be paid off by Christmas. And it better be. And after that we are cutting that damn credit card up. I don't mind getting a credit card. But I want a good one. SEARS isn't the best. I would rather get one from the credit union or Capitol One.

GAh!! Men!!

(Needless to say this TV is Mark's Christmas present)
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