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21 February 2009 @ 04:35 pm
Creepy Old Fart  
Ok yeserday, I was at the jewelry minding my own business. Putting jewelry away and the old man comes up to me. I look up at him and politely say, "What can I do for you?" just like any other customer that would come up to the counter. Then this old man goes on about how I can do alot for him but we would have to go somewhere else, but oh ya I am on the clock and we can't do that. Then he proceeds to blow on my neck..I mean like my husband would blow on my neck to try to turn me on, REALLY CREEPY! Then this guy has the balls to ask me if he were to give me his phone number would I call it. WTF!? ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?! Of course I say "No." And then he decides since he isn't gonna get anywhere with me to leave the counter.

Later that day I find out he did the same thing to a CSM, a Cashier, AND one of our Door Greeters. So we tell security, and they had their eye on him the whole time he was in the store.

Seriously, I always get the creepy old guys that hit on me. EWWW! I felt totally violated.
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