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10 June 2009 @ 08:59 pm
today started out ok, then I get 2 very annoying customers that can't decide on a single watch.(they picked out one watch, then decided that wasn't the one they wanted and changed said watch out 2 more times). And then Mark decides its ok for him to go golfing and leave me at home with hotdogs for dinner. WTF?!! Anywho, he ends up not being able to go golfing cause it rained and made the ground soggy.

Then we get into it when I get home because he just can't see my side of things. Then it got into how he understands how i feel and how he has been there. He basically told me that I should be able to hold my emotions in check and not let people know how i feel.

I am sorry but I can't do that. Believe me, in the past i have and it wasn't very pretty. They build and build, and then at some random moment the burst. I threw things and hit and screamed. Now I REFUSE to EVER let it get that far again. Thats why I walk away when i get really upset. And that is why I let people know how I feel. It just isn't healthy for me to bottle up those emotions.

But we worked things out and everything is pretty much ok now. Mark is still upset that we don't have alot of money to spend, but there ain't anything I can do about that.

so ya..thats about it.
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