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04 July 2009 @ 12:59 pm
Happy 4th Y'all!!  

I was getting ready to go upstairs to take my last break before leaving today and I hear this guy yelling by Subway. So I go over there to see what the ruckus is all about. I see him go into Subway where they have the seats and he has someone with him. Then I see a mom crying on the phone, the guy taking a little girl away who is crying for her mother with her hand stretched out. The guy takes the little girl outside.

Apparently the guy, who is the little girl's father, comes up to the mom..like right in her face. And the mom is backing up. Then the guy starts chocking the mom and pulls her into Subway and starts beating her. Then tries to take the little girl away. One of the CSM's caught him and has him bring the girl back to her mom. Mom is on the phone with the cops and the guy leaves the store. CSM follows him.

Geeze. Only inside a Wal-Mart could something like this happen. When I left they were taking the mom and daughter to either the Money Center or Customer Service just in case the guy came back and decided to beat on her again.


In other news, I will be going to Grandma's cookout later today. I made pear-pineapple salad (yum), and she is gonna have hamburgers hotdogs and possibly ribs. Can't wait. Then we are gonna go to the lake to watch fireworks. !! 

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