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08 July 2009 @ 08:41 pm
Bye, Bye Vacay...Hello WalMart Drama  
I go back to work tomorrow and on one side I am happy to go back. I have had my break. And I think I can handle going back now. Before I left I was about to break. I literally didn't care. Now that I have had a break from all the drama, I am ready to go back to it. We have back to school going on now so there won't be a dull moment. Never is at walmart.

On the other side, I don't wanna go back. I have gotten so much done. I got the 2nd bedroom rearranged, and it looks soo good! It really looks like it has more room now. It looks bigger. I don't wanna go back cause that means that I have to deal with Margarette and all her damn drama. the "poor me" drama where she makes herself out to be the damn victim when she really isn't. She is really good at manipulating others. GAh! I don't want to deal with stupid managers wanting me to do this for mens-wear, when I still have things to do in Jewelry. Whatever.

I am looking for another job. Posting my resume and putting my application in where I see something good. Hopefully something comes up soon. Mark is doing the same thing. The shit at Walley World is getting pretty high and I am tired of pulling myself out of it all the damn time.


Ah well, I just have to be patient, thats all. Something will come up sooner or later.