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29 July 2007 @ 10:47 am
I met a Food-NetWork Star!!  

Yesterday, after work Mark and I went to Seneca to meet some of his family that I haven't got the chance to meet. His cousin (?) not quite sure how she is related, just that she is. But her name is Leah Guy and she has this cooking show, tho we, being in kansas, aren't in her market. But she does have a web-site www.agirlnamedguy.com where all her shows are also aired.

But that isn't the best part. For those of us that are food network fans. There used to be a show called "The Secret Life of ..." , (which got replaced with "Ham on the Street")  and the host of the show was Jim O' Connor. Well, i met him last nite! Leah is his girlfriend and they were both in Seneca visiting Mark's grandma Louise. 

Soo awesome.   

<<<pic of Jim

They had their dog with them, Mocha, he is a pretty dog...but not good with new people. Mark tried to put his hand out to Mocha and Mocha started to growl at him. Understandable, Mocha isn't at home. 

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