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09 August 2007 @ 09:39 pm

ok, it has been a year since my cousin suddenly passed away. This is a poem that I wrote. Bare with me, its a work in progress.

One Year

1 year has come and gone.
There have been
and Holidays
without you.
We have dealt with 
the loss of you 
as best we may.

1 year ago,
I was walking out of 
the theatre,
when I heard 

1 year ago,
I looked into your 
Just to see that it
wasn't you.
I could see no life 
in your body.
Your soul had already 

Here and now,
I wish you were still here.
We all do. 

Its been 1 year, 
And sometimes, 
it still feels like it was 
just Yesterday. 

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