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16 August 2007 @ 08:42 pm
Day 2 and counting  
Well, Mark left for Indianopolis yesterday morning...early...like 5:30am-ish early. And this will be day #2 without him. Its really not that bad until I talk to him on the phone. I almost cry when I hear his voice. Sleeping in a big queen size bed by yourself isn't easy either. I miss him. I don't feel safe in the house with out him there. I swear, last night i locked the front and back doors and then shut and locked the bedroom door as well. And then I kept waking up all night. Like every half hour or so.


On another note...
I got rained on at work today. No, I wasn't outside. I was inside working at the Wally-World jewelry counter and we were having a good down-pour (outside that is), when the next thing I know is I am getting rained upon....at the jewelry counter! LOL. There was water dripping from the ceiling and I had to cover the lay-away computer with walmart sacks. That's walmart for ya! LOL.   

Sunday Get here!!