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30 August 2007 @ 09:33 pm
A poem on another blog site of mine..  
All I Need

Without even looking we met by fate
On a day so pure and true
And since the day we found each other
I havent stopped thinking of you.

A week after I met you I loved you
It took so little time to see
The amazing person that you are
I realised you are perfect for me.

It didnt take long for me to know
That I want us to be together
I want to live my whole life with you
I wish to be yours forever.

I want you to know how much I care
No one else could ever be enough
No one else is as amazing as you
Baby we have found true love

I used to think love was stupid
Beautiful love unknown to me
Now I think I cannot feel more
Yet every second this love has grown.

Never before had I felt like this
Every love I had before gave me strife
Loving you feels like the greatest bliss
Life is beautiful because you are my life

In my heart this love is clear
In my mind so simple to say
But when I try to write it all,
I find it so hard to portray.

I have never cared for someone like this
I never wanted anyone forever
Never wanted anything so badly
As I want us to always be together

Baby I know I am not perfect
But my heart cries for only you
I want to make your dreams reality
Make all your wishes come true

Thank you for staying with me always
Loving me through and through
Because baby you are everything to me
And all I need in this world is you.
*~Sammi Morris~*

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