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13 September 2007 @ 08:38 pm
Wedding Worries  
So last night, FMIL came over to discuss decorations and minor miscellaneous things for the wedding. She wants me to use real flowers for the reception, I would rather use fake. They look just as good and you don't have to worry about them dieing or wilting during the day. She also mentioned monogrammed napkins. To me, its an expense that isn't necessary. All anyone is gonna do is wipe their mouth with them and throw them away. But she insisted and said she would pay for them so I am gonna let her. As long as we (FH and I ) don't have to pay, I could really care less. 

As of right now I am really worried that I won't have enough money to get the rest of the decorations, money for the food, and still have some left for bills and whatever else that needs to be gotten. GAH!! I just dont know. Flippin out.  At least I got the bridesmaids dresses figured out. I had to call the place and literally yell at the lady b4 they did anything. GRR!!!

whatever, that was my rant and i think i am done right now.
Current Mood: moodymoody