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14 October 2007 @ 06:33 pm
6 Days  
OK, less than a week till i am officially Mrs. Downing. That sounds soo nice and wierd all at the same time!! I had to call in sick today cause i have this baaad pain in my stomache on the left side that goes clear thru to my back. It was soo bad I was having trouble moving and it brought me to tears. 

My bro, mom, and 2 of my neices came over. Bro brought me some pain meds..were thinking its the start of kidney stones. Loritab will help with that pain, and to my suprise, I am not sleepy..just a little loopy. 

Tomorrow I get to go to B-Street Design (where me and most of my bridal party is going to get our hair done) and make sure that they are gonna have enough peeps to get our hair done in time to get pics. They don't open till 9am and the photo guy is wanting to start taking pics at 11am. 

I hope we can make it.

OK, I need to stop typing right now..getting slightly dizzy.

Current Mood: tiredloopy