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11 November 2007 @ 10:18 am
Stupid Management  
OK, This is a rant about Wal-Mart management so read on if you like.

Yesterday, as I make my way around the jewelry counter I see that noone is manning the clearance table that is out front. There are 2 girls behind the counter trying to take care of customers but noone is at the clearance table.

Come to find out that one of the newer managers decided to come over and demanded that the girl at the clearance table go help check. Even tho the jewelry counter was waaay busy and they needed all the people there. So he makes the girl at the table go and help check and just LEAVES THE TABLE UNMANNED! What kind of idiot does that?! I mean we have 2 necklaces on that table that are $250 alone. WTF?!

So, I go back to find a manager above him (i am now off the clock) and let them know what is going on. And now Phillip should be in some sort of trouble.

He had no right to pull her like that. Didn't even give anyone a chance to go to the table.
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