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22 December 2007 @ 08:28 pm
bad weather and boredom  
snowing, not just snowing but blowing snow. Sucks, we were planning on going over to Sarah and Josh's tonite. Not happening. (Sorry Sarah, but i am sure u understand) Bored to death.

O.o. There was a 30..yes, thats right boys and girls, 30 car pile up on the Highway today because of the weather and people thinking that they can go 70 mph in snow where your visibility is less than 5 feet in front of you. Not to mention, the numerous amounts of people that think they don't need their lights on so other motorists can see where they are.

All I could find from the news websites was this:

The Kansas Highway Patrol is reporting at least 1 person dead in a collission involving 32 cars on westbound I-70.

KDOT is reporting that Westbound I-70 is closed from Milepost 353/Auburn Road to K/30 at Maple Hill just west of Topeka. Traffic is detoured to US-75 then across to US-24.

Our crew at the scene says they could see that at least two semi trucks and a charter bus was involved.

KHP reports the fataility occured in the first car in the chain reaction pile-up.

A warming shelter has been opened at 643 Wheeler in McFarland for those involved in the accident.

No word on injuries or the extend of damage to the vehicles in that pile-up.

Got this from www.wibw.com

in other news got the dern collection arse taken care of. If they say I owe anymore $money$ then I now have a reciept saying I paid all I owed. They were charging 12% interest DAILY. Soo freakin ridiculous!! Whatever. Its done with. I dont care anymore.

They can now Kiss My Ass!!!
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